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Established in 2012, Zulmack (M) Sdn Bhd have the industry knowledge and experience to understand the importance of well-maintained agriculture equipment and the personalised needs of each individual customer. Whether you are looking to extend component life or needing services for tractor to excavator grapple maintenance and restoration, trust us to get the job done in satisfaction.

Our Clients

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Why Should You Choose Us?

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We are a certified Sime Darby Approved Vendor, meeting high industry standards & safety regulations. We offer a wide range of spare parts & list of services, while providing tailored services & special requests for parts. We provide professional repair and maintenance servicing of agriculture equipment in well-equipped service facility.

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Solutions For Your Tractors

Do you require affordable tractor spare part and maintenance?


Whether you oversee a small number of tractors or an entire fleet, our aftermarket parts help you maintain budget-friendly operations while ensuring your tractors perform at their highest efficiency. We have access to an extensive selection of tractor parts and accessories compatible with all makes and models. Zulmack's dedication to top-tier service establishes us as your dependable source for tractor parts. We consistently broaden our range of tractor parts and accessories to align with industry and technological advancements.

Tractor Wheels

Regular Inspection

Promptly address any tractor malfunctions, as even minor issues can escalate if left unattended. Seeking professional assistance for your tractor's maintenance and repairs will ensure its efficiency, safety, and longevity.

Oil & Filter Changes

Tractors must have regular oil and filter changes as the oil helps make the tractor engine runs more efficiently, while the filter helps to filter out dirt and other debris in the tractor engine. 

Air Filter Replacement

The air filter supplies the engine with ventilation, and as such, a clogged air filter can have an adverse impact on the engine's performance in the tractor.

Fuel System Cleaning

Maintaining the fuel system enhances its efficiency and cleanliness, which entails periodically replacing the fuel filter, cleansing the fuel tank, and servicing the injectors.

Maintenance Services

Tyre Maintenance

The tyres should be regularly checked. The tyre pressure, depth, profile and overall condition should be checked. The more regularly you maintain your tyres, the longer they last.

Electrical System

The electrical system should also be regularly checked, including checking the battery, ignition system, headlights and other electrical components and parts

Repair Services

We are committed to ensuring your equipment runs seamlessly, facilitated by our experienced technicians and dedicated repair facility. We specialize in repairing a broad spectrum of parts and components, from the tiniest mini-excavator parts to the heaviest forklift components, including those related to the drive-train, electronics, hydraulics, steering, and electric motors.

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Excavator Tractor

Brands & Product Range

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Maintenance Kit

Fluids & Lubricants

Operation Station


Lights & Accessories

Mowing & Cutting Parts

Belts & Chains

Cleaning & Safety Equipment

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Professional Cleaning Equipment

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Safety & Protective Equipment

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Industrial & Domestic Chemicals


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Zulmack (M) Sdn Bhd


We specialise in the repair and maintenance of tractors and other agriculture equipment. We offer a wide range of spare parts and accessories.

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