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Tyre Balancing & Alignment

We provide professional tyre balancing and alignment services, which ensure that your vehicle’s tyres are optimally balanced and aligned, leading to improved performance, fuel efficiency, and a smoother ride.

Forklift Tyre Pressing

We provide forklift tyre pressing services to maintain tyre pressure and extend tyre life. We can help you identify the right tyres for your forklift, and press them to the optimal pressure for maximum performance and durability.

Tip Top Patching

TipTop Patching services to repair car, truck, and tractor tyre tubes. Using the latest technology, the patching ensures a perfect bond and seamless repair, as the patch will stretch evenly in all directions. With TipTop Patching, you can be sure that your tubes will be fixed securely and quickly.

Container Truck Ship Port

And More!

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